hidden channels

13—21 september 2014

Cambridge Museum of Technology, The Old Pumping Station, Cheddars Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8LD

opening times:
exhibition: saturdays and sundays, 1–6pm. free entry
live event: saturday 20 september, 5-8pm, £7

stephen cornford

Archipelago (2013)

Destructor flue

'Archipelago is a sculpture for more than 50 portable CD players. The work inverts their normal role as the source of audio, turning them instead into receptors of sound: ears. In doing so the work asks how these machines might behave were they able to hear.

Electromagnetic recordings of the machines are played back into their motors, causing them to twitch, tremble and spin unpredictably. These mechanised spasms are then amplified through an array of small speakers encircling them. The abandoned portable stereos of the past, a technology designed to enable solitude and isolation in even the most crowded of spaces, are transformed into a network of nervous electronic eavesdroppers. Visually reminiscent of a model cityscape or biological test laboratory, 'Archipelago'subjects domestic technology to the pressures of urban dwelling.' Stephen Cornford

Hidden Channels presents the first UK showing of this work.

Stephen Cornford is a sculptor, sound artist and musician based in Bristol. He works with collections and accumulations of 'obsolete' technology and innovating ways to repurpose technology to make manifest the innermost sonic properties of its mechanisms. He also runs the Consumer Waste CD label and annual Audiograft festival in Oxford.


chloe leaper

Engine Index / The Red Step / As It Will Be / Linear Amalgamation (2014)

Main engine room / boiler room / electric room

'In making site specific work for Hidden Channels a number of things struck me about the museum; the dynamic spatial range of the architecture from domestic to huge scale spaces; visual repetitions within the exhibits and structure of the museum such as colour, multiple pilings and compartmentalising of stored materials; the incidental 'sculptures/installations' created by utility; the museum aesthetic of the 70's and the myriad surface textures and materials of the curational elements and the building and machines. Referencing the intentions of the 1970's museum catalogue, As it Will Be is both an image of an intended installation and the documentation of its actualisation. In this case, unlike many of the catalogue hopes, this piece 'was'. I was also influenced by the very specific considerations of the build; one day install, no permanent changes (nails in walls), limited access to the site. This project significantly challenged my current practice and has opened new ways of seeing and installing site specific work.' Chloe Leaper


peter sutton

Over and over and over again

Electrics room

Peter Sutton is a painter and maker. His current work concerns memory, repetition, pattern and pointlessness. Collected, altered and found objects. Sometimes using inherent or created sound.

'Over and Over and Over Again was a response to my father's deterioration from Alzheimer's.' Peter Sutton