hidden channels

sound art technology

bringing sounds and artists to light in Cambridge, UK

hidden channels

Bringing together people interested in sound art, field recording, sound archives, obsolete technology and experimental live sound, in Cambridge, UK.


Meetups for sound artists and field recordists. Bring short clips of recordings or sound art works and discuss techniques, locations and work in progress.


workshops and field trips

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live events

Hidden Channels holds occasional live events featuring sound art, site-specific works, hidden histories and obsolete technology.

Past events include:

Millennium Mills at Spiller's Mill (2016), with Aino Tytti (Touch) on site at Spiller's Mill and ELAN Studio near Cambridge Station

Hidden Channels, Cambridge Museum of Technology (2014) exhibition/live event including Stephen Cornford 'Archipelago' installation and premier of specially commissioned piece by Jez Riley French.

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New Music Morning events Kettle's Yard (2007–2012).

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